How to Use Emotional Marketing: Why People Buy

Emotional Marketing: Facts vs Feelings

Today we will learn how to use emotional marketing because feelings are what consumers base decisions on – not facts. The Midwest Mindset will help you understands why people buy and ensure that your product and services are the ones that customers purchase. 

The answer to these questions might be much more straightforward than you think: human emotions.

Midwest Mindset podcast episode featuring Matt Tompkins and Chad Dodd in Omaha, NE

Emotional Marketing: Why Do Your Customers Buy From You?

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If you learn to use human emotion to your advantage, you’ve already won because this is the fuel that drives our decision making

In this episode of Midwest Mindset (The Omaha Podcast), we delve into the intricate world of consumer psychology to help you understand why people buy and how to craft the perfect marketing message that appeals to human emotions.

But first things first: We’ll explore the three main problems and pillars you should tackle when marketing your product or services: the external, internal, and philosophical problems that customers face when deciding on a purchase and how you can connect with their feelings. 

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The External Problem

First comes the external problem: the facts. This problem refers to the need or issues a customer faces that your product or service will solve.

For example, your ideal customer needs a car as a necessary form of transportation to get from place to place.  His external need is transportation. If you are a car dealership, you need to solve this external problem, but you must appeal to more than just the external problem to influence his purchasing decision.

Even if you have the perfect car for this client and the facts are right before him, you must understand that the external problem is what the customer needs to be solved, but it is not what they base their purchasing decisions on.  To understand why people buy, you must solve the external problem but focus your marketing efforts on the internal problem.

The Internal Problem

This problem concerns how something makes a person feel or what they desire. In our car dealership example, the customer knows that the car will fix the problem, but he may want to feel more comfortable, more luxurious, or have some extra space when needed.

In the end, he won’t make the purchase that satisfies his needs, but the one that will meet his desires and his internal problems will ultimately make him feel better.

It is only when a product, service, or brand truly understands and connects with the customer’s emotions that it can create a strong, lasting emotional connection with its target audience. This connection will propel buyers toward making a purchase. 

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Emotional Marketing: Facts V.S. Feelings

Before jumping into the last problem, we want to focus on the difference between external and internal problems and why both are necessary to do great marketing.

Ever wonder why we often buy things we don’t need or why certain brands resonate with us even though their products might not be the best on the market? The answer lies in the delicate balance between facts and feelings

There are psychological aspects that drive consumer behavior; this is known as emotional marketing. Customers will buy what they need, but also what connects with their emotions and makes them feel something. That is why we need to understand our customer’s wants and desires to craft a compelling marketing message.

The Philosophical Problem

This is the idea of being part of something bigger than oneself and how a purchase contributes to the greater good.

In this day and age, consumers are leaning more toward socially responsible and ethical companies. Think of the Starbucks Foundation and how they invested in programs that strengthen coffee communities or how Toms gave an extra pair for each of your purchases to people in need.

Customers will make choices that reflect their values. By showing how your product or service contributes to the greater good, such as being environmentally friendly or supporting a social cause, you position your brand as an extension of your customer’s values, making it easy for your product to be purchased.

By mastering these three problems and giving each a solution, you have the perfect marketing foundation to start selling your product or service. Use this solution to tailor to your customer’s desires, emotions, and needs.

By doing this, you will make them feel like they are part of something better, that they are building a community. And that will not only generate revenue but will ensure loyal customers in the long run.

Do You Feel Like Your Marketing Isn’t Working?

You have the basics of your marketing strategy, you have mastered the answer of the 3 basic questions, what’s the next step? How do you resonate deeply and connect with your customers?

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