The Midwest Mindset

The Midwest Mindset is simple: Help others without expecting anything in return.
This mindset is what makes our home city of Omaha, Nebraska, unique and has defined our own company’s success. 

We are passionate about helping small business owners through this podcast because we believe every business deserves affordable and effective marketing. 

In each episode, we share the tools, techniques, and results-driven marketing strategies that the big-time marketing agencies don’t want you to know, including the biggest secret of all: you can do this yourself.

Listen to our latest episode:

“Marketing Accountability: The Key to Success”

In this week’s episode, we sit down with Tracy Winkler, a Professional EOS Implementer, to discuss the importance of building a team that values accountability.
Accountability is the key to your marketing success and Tracy gets us started with the 101 on EOS and Traction.
  • Authenticity in Business: The Magic of Being Yourself

    Why is Authenticity Important?  Being authentic sets you apart from the competition and allows customers to connect with your brand on a deeper level. This will build trust between you and your customers, which is necessary for a successful business.  Read the full transcript. But how exactly will being authentic will help me grow my […]

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  • From The Basement To The Big Time: How to grow your business

    Drive, Desire, Determination, and Discipline  Read the full transcript There is no perfect recipe for business growth; there’s no superpower one must have to operate a business successfully. But there is one common denominator between successful business people: Drive, Desire, Determination, and Discipline. Anyone with these four characteristics can become a successful business leader. If […]

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  • A Subscription Business Model: Make Your Customers Come Back

    What is a subscription base model?  Read the full transcript The subscription model is basically a type of service where customers pay for products or services on a recurring basis. This could be weekly, biweekly, monthly, or even yearly depending on the type of product or service that your business offers.  In the case of […]

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  • Business weaknesses: You Can’t Be Incredible Without The Hulk

    Recognize Your Personal and Business Weaknesses The truth is, no one is perfect. Everyone has flaws and weaknesses, the trick is learning how to turn those weaknesses into strengths. To do this effectively, you need to start by understanding that no matter how much you try to hide or deny them, they won’t go away. […]

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  • The Best Kept Secret For Businesses in Nebraska

    What is the Nebraska Business Development Center?  The NBDC is a 100% free and confidential organization that offers counseling, resources, and support to entrepreneurs and businesses in Nebraska. Their goal is to help you overcome the challenges and setbacks businesses face. Read the full transcript The NBDC is a statewide network of professional consultants who […]

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  • How To Survive Your First Year In Business

    Why Do Businesses Fail?  There are many factors that can contribute to a business failure, but there are Four Most Common Reasons Businesses Fail Read the full transcript Poor Management This is often the result of a lack of experience or training on the part of the business owner. Without proper management, a business will […]

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  • The Secret to Generating New Business Leads That Work

    Know Your Target Market Generating new business leads starts with understanding your target market. When you know who you are targeting, it becomes much easier to design a marketing strategy that resonates with them. Read the full transcript Once you’ve identified your target audience,  create tailored content for them. This will allow them to find […]

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  • Here’s What Every Successful Omaha Entrepreneur Does

    Have a Mission From technical skills to effective networking, there are many elements that make up a successful business venture. One of these elements is having a clear mission statement. It’s important to clearly define your goals when starting a business so you can stay focused on achieving them.  Read full transcript Having a mission […]

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