Effective Advertising: Evoking Feeling and Action

What is the secret to effective advertising? Why do cheesy drug commercials of people running in a meadow work, but your ad doesn’t? 

What’s the magic in those ads that makes them so effective and hypnotizing?

In this episode of Midwest Mindset, Austin, Ben, and Matt discuss the elements that make drug commercials effective and how you can implement this strategy in your own ads. 

Effective Advertising_ Why Do Cheesy Drug Commercials Work

What’s Missing for Effective Advertising 

Look: we are not saying your ad is bad (maybe a little bit); we are just saying that it’s missing something to make it effective. 

Effective advertising is more than just showcasing your product or service, it needs to tell a story, to talk and engage with your audience. 

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So, how are drug commercials doing so? What story does a woman running happily in a meadow tell? Are we missing something? 

The Secret Sauce: The End Result

The true power of these commercials lies in their ability to show viewers the end result. 

They paint a picture of an ideal life that could be attainable, showing consumers not just a product but a potential lifestyle change.

Humans are inherently emotional beings; we think with our “feeling” brain rather than logical reasoning. 

These commercials effectively tap into that emotional side, presenting scenarios that evoke positive emotions and desires. 

These commercials aren’t fixated on bombarding the viewer with technical specifications or intricate details about the product; let’s be honest, we don’t care about those things in the first instance. 

That’s why, instead, they focus on showcasing the benefits of the product, not the process or the specifications. 

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Effective Advertising: Emotion and Results 

Think of those commercials from animal nonprofits that tug at our heartstrings with super sad images of puppies and cats. 

Yes, they are indeed sad and can evoke a powerful emotional response; they make us think with our “feeling brain.”

However, they lack one crucial element: the depiction of the end result. They don’t often show what happens when you do donate; what positive change does your contribution lead to?

So, how can you showcase the tangible results of your product or service and make sure your audience is intrigued enough to turn into a potential lead?

There’s a formula that most successful advertising strategies employ, and understanding this can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns.

There’s a formula that is most effective advertising, and we will tell you what it is.  

The Formula for Effective Advertising

Firstly, it’s important to recognize the power of emotion in advertising. 

As humans, we are wired to respond to emotions. When we connect with an advertisement emotionally, it becomes more memorable and impactful, but we also need a direct action message, or what we know as a Call to Action (CTA.) 

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The Power of a Strong Call to Action (CTA)

A CTA serves as the directive that guides your audience on what they need to do next.

Here is where your viewers transform from passive observers to active participants, nudging them toward engaging further with your product or service.

Showcasing the End Result

The final piece of the puzzle involves showing the end result of taking that action – the benefits of doing business with you. 

This paints a vivid picture of how the consumer’s life could be positively impacted by your product or service.

By highlighting these potential benefits, you give your audience a compelling reason to follow through with your CTA.

feelings in advertising

Enjoy the Benefits of Effective Advertising

And there you have it; by implementing these elements, you will have an effective ad that people watch till the end, and they will become more likely to think of your product or service in a positive way.

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