How to Start a Podcast for Your Business with Kevin Chemidlin

Wondering how to start a podcast for your business to bring in more customers and spread your message further?

Podcasts are getting more and more popular. They’re a great way for businesses to connect with people and share something valuable.

They help show off your unique style and honesty, and if you do it well, they can make your brand stand out as a top player in your field.

In this episode of The Midwest Mindset Podcast, host Matt Tompkins teams up with Kevin Chemidlin from Grow the Show. Together, they reveal effective podcast strategies to achieve business success.

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Monetize your Podcast

First off, remember this: a podcast is like any business. Do it right, and you can make money from it.

The big question is: how do you turn your podcast into a source of income and grow your business at the same time?

Take Kevin’s example. He started with a podcast about his city, Philadelphia. People loved what he shared, and he saw a chance to earn from his podcast.

Think of your listeners as your customers. Their interest in your podcast is what makes it profitable.

The more they interact with your podcast, the more opportunities you have to make money.

So, how do you keep your listeners hooked? Offer them content that they find valuable and relevant.

When your audience sees the value in your podcast, they’ll likely support it.

A Winning Podcast Strategy 

To both make money from your podcast and attract customers, you need a smart strategy.

Kevin, with his years of podcasting experience, figured out that it’s not just about being consistent. While regularity matters, having a solid plan for your podcast is crucial.

So, what’s the trick to making your podcast profitable? What’s the winning formula?

Why Every business should have a podcast

Starting a Podcast for Your Business 

If you’re thinking about launching a podcast for your business, here’s the strategy you need to get going:

Be Unique

Don’t just be another podcast. Make yours unique. Offer something different that matches your brand and connects with your target audience. Being different sets you apart from other podcasts in your field.

Be Specific

Instead of trying to please everyone, concentrate on a specific topic or group of people. This makes your content more relevant and interesting to your audience. Talking directly to them personalizes your show and makes it more attractive.

Just Start

Simply start.

The beginning is often the toughest part, but don’t let fear or hesitation stop you. Remember, all successful podcasters started as beginners. It’s about taking that initial step and being willing to learn as you go.

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Repurpose Your Content

Podcasts aren’t just about audio anymore. With the rise of video podcasting, listeners can now choose to watch their favorite shows. Adding video to your podcast isn’t just keeping up with trends; it’s staying ahead.

But don’t just stop at a video podcast. The real power of podcasts is their adaptability.

Turn your video episodes into various formats to reach more people on different platforms, making the most out of your content.

For example, convert your video podcast episodes into YouTube videos. It’s a great way to reach people who primarily use YouTube.

You can also edit your episodes into shorter clips for social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. This makes your content easy to consume and share, helping your podcast reach a wider audience.

The Power of Blogs

A great method to reuse your content is by creating a blog post from your episode. This not only adds extra value for your listeners but also appeals to those who prefer reading, enhancing your website’s SEO in the process.

Keep in mind, different people enjoy content in different ways. While video is impactful, there’s always a group that prefers audio-only.

So, if you can only provide audio versions of your episodes right now, go for it. It’s about reaching your audience in the way they like best.

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The Power of Solo Episodes

Solo episodes are becoming popular in the podcast world, traditionally dominated by interviews and conversations. They offer a special opportunity for the host to directly connect with the audience, creating a more personal bond.

Efficiency Benefits

Solo episodes are time, money, and resource savers. You don’t need to align schedules with guests, simplifying the production process.

Focused Content

These episodes often deliver concise, targeted information. This is perfect for listeners who have limited time and prefer to get to the point quickly.

Demonstrating Your Knowledge

As a host, you have a lot of knowledge and insights. Solo episodes are an excellent way to display your expertise and position yourself as an authority in your field.

Engaging Your Audience

Solo episodes also offer a platform for deeper audience engagement, as listeners feel they are having a one-on-one conversation with the host.

How to Start a Podcast for Your Business with Clear Metrics

Using metrics is crucial for tracking your podcast’s performance and understanding your listeners’ interests and habits.

Actively seek feedback by conducting surveys or running polls on social media. Pay attention to which episodes are most downloaded or shared – these are topics that really connect with your audience.

Launching a podcast for your business is more than just recording talks. It’s about adopting a strategic method, underpinned by specific, measurable metrics.

How to Start a Podcast for Your Business with Two Brothers Creative

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