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The Midwest Mindset is the Omaha podcast that makes marketing easy to understand and simple to do. We believe every business needs effective marketing they wish was also affordable – we think you should have both.

In every episode, our goal is to give you all of the tools, techniques, and results-driven marketing strategies that expensive agencies don’t want you to know, including their biggest secret: You can do this yourself!

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Grow Your Business with AI in the Right Way

Season 3 Episode 23

 You’re excited to explore the benefits of AI for content creation, yet cautious about the risks, particularly in protecting your business’s sensitive information.

In this Midwest Mindset podcast episode, we are joined by Shawn Quintero, chief AI officer at Elite Real Estate Systemsto discuss how to use AI the right way to propel your business forward. 

  • Effective Advertising: Why Do Cheesy Drug Commercials Work?

    Effective Advertising: Why Do Cheesy Drug Commercials Work?

    What’s Missing for Effective Advertising  Look: we are not saying your ad is bad (maybe a little bit); we are just saying that it’s missing something to make it effective.  Effective advertising is more than just showcasing your product or service, it needs to tell a story, to talk and engage with your audience.  So,…

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  • Is Nebraska’s Local Advertising Really Effective?

    Is Nebraska’s Local Advertising Really Effective?

    What’s with the Nebraska Tourism Marketing? If you live in the State of Nebraska, chances are you’ve seen the ads: “Visit Nebraska, Visit Nice” or “Nebraska. Honestly It’s Not For Everyone.” Nebraska’s tourism marketing seems to be trying to be clever and unique, yet somehow really misses the mark.  Instead of exploiting the authentic charm…

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  • Legacy vs. Likes: A Conversation with Mike Smith

    Legacy vs. Likes: A Conversation with Mike Smith

    The Story of Legacy vs. Likes So, how did Mike’s book come about? “Legacy vs. Likes” explores the social media vortex, highlighting the issues that come along with it, especially for younger people. Mike has spotted a worrying trend – the way we’re getting sucked into social media and how it’s altering our behavior. And…

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  • The Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

    The Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

    What is an Entrepreneur and What Do They Do? “Entrepreneur” is a word that we like to use a lot, especially in business, but most of the time, we don’t even know what we mean; we are just throwing the term around because we like the way it sounds.  Before going over the most common…

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