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The Midwest Mindset is the Omaha podcast that makes marketing easy to understand and simple to do. We believe every business needs effective marketing they wish was also affordable – we think you should have both.

In every episode, our goal is to give you all of the tools, techniques, and results-driven marketing strategies that expensive agencies don’t want you to know, including their biggest secret: You can do this yourself!

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Micro-Influencer Marketing

Season 3 Episode 26

On this recent episode of the Midwest Mindset podcast, serial entrepreneur Tim Rexius, the brains behind Rexius Business Consulting, shared his secrets to success with this powerful marketing strategy.

This shift has opened up a world of opportunity for entrepreneurs willing to embrace these strategies. This is how you can leverage influencer marketing to reach a new level of success. 

  • How to Use Emotional Marketing: Why People Buy

    How to Use Emotional Marketing: Why People Buy

    Emotional Marketing: Why Do Your Customers Buy From You? Read The Full Transcript If you learn to use human emotion to your advantage, you’ve already won because this is the fuel that drives our decision making In this episode of Midwest Mindset (The Omaha Podcast), we delve into the intricate world of consumer psychology to…

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  • Don’t Make These Website Mistakes

    Don’t Make These Website Mistakes

    Are Website Mistakes Hurting Your Business? Read The Full Transcript Unfortunately, for many small businesses, the answer is yes. Today, we’ll learn what makes a good website vs. a bad website and the simple things that you can do with your website to become more visible and gain more revenue. Website Mistakes: What Type of…

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  • Marketing Mistakes: Why Isn’t My Marketing Working?

    Marketing Mistakes: Why Isn’t My Marketing Working?

    Why Isn’t My Digital Marketing Working? As a small business owner, it’s common to make marketing mistakes while trying to grow your business; trust us, we know how it goes: you’ve invested countless hours into building and growing your brand, and you’ve poured your passion and resources into your marketing efforts, yet the results aren’t…

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  • How To Get Government Contracts

    How To Get Government Contracts

    Why You Want Government Contracts Read the full transcript Small businesses have many opportunities to land big government contracts. To help secure one of these contracts, they provide three simple steps. These steps can help you start your business on the path to success. But first, let’s talk about why landing a government contract is…

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