Authenticity in Business: The Magic of Being Yourself

Every small business wishes to eventually become an empire, but not all of them succeed. Why? They try to be something they’re not, they lack authenticity and customers can see right through it. What if the key to success was simply being true to yourself and your story? 

In this episode of Midwest Mindset (A.K.A the Omaha podcast) Mike Tyler from the Todd n’ Tyler Radio Empire shares with us the importance of Authenticity and how this helps your business longevity and growth.

Person portraying authenticity.

Why is Authenticity Important? 

Being authentic sets you apart from the competition and allows customers to connect with your brand on a deeper level. This will build trust between you and your customers, which is necessary for a successful business. 

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But how exactly will being authentic will help me grow my business? Why does it matter?

When people recognize something special about a product or service, they are more likely to purchase it because it resonates with them somehow. 

Authenticity displayed through a mirror.

Authenticity Builds Loyalty 

People don’t want to learn just about your business; they want to know who you are and who they are buying from. Humans desire emotional connection. 

This way, when they choose you as their go-to provider for whatever product or service you offer, they know their money is going towards something or someone that has to mean for them. That’s how you build loyalty.

Sure, the experience and quality of your services matter, but that feeling or proximity makes the difference. They believe in your brand.

So how do I make people believe in me? How do I show them that I am an authentic person or brand?

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How Can You Cultivate Authenticity? 

Like MikeTaylerr said, “We’ve shared a lot of our personal life over the years and sometimes too much. I admit that… But that makes you more human.

Your content reflects how you and your brand are, so it should always be genuine, honest, and human-centered to make meaningful connections with customers. By sharing what you care about, you become authentic. 

Don’t be something you are not: 

Don’t try to be something that you are not. If you focus on becoming like other, more successful businesses, you will lose your essence. 

Trust your instinct

your brand will benefit from having a personality; people will recognize it and want to do business with you. However, if this personality constantly changes, they will go somewhere else. 

Trust your instinct. This is the best way to stay true to your brand personality. Turn down opportunities that you don’t feel right or don’t fit your brand. Be faithful to your story

Stand out from the rest: 

Use your uniqueness as an advantage; how you are and what you believe can become a personality trait for your brand, and people love that. They will remember things you say, phrases you often use, or silly expressions that accompany your brand.

All this will make you stand out from the rest of your competition.  

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Market your business and build an authentic brand identity NOW

We know that as a business owner, taking the time to market your services and show that you are genuine can be difficult between all the busy work, and that is why we are here to help you. 

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