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The Midwest Mindset is the Omaha podcast that makes marketing easy to understand and simple to do. We believe every business needs effective marketing they wish was also affordable – we think you should have both.

In every episode, our goal is to give you all of the tools, techniques, and results-driven marketing strategies that expensive agencies don’t want you to know, including their biggest secret: You can do this yourself!

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Micro-Influencer Marketing

Season 3 Episode 26

On this recent episode of the Midwest Mindset podcast, serial entrepreneur Tim Rexius, the brains behind Rexius Business Consulting, shared his secrets to success with this powerful marketing strategy.

This shift has opened up a world of opportunity for entrepreneurs willing to embrace these strategies. This is how you can leverage influencer marketing to reach a new level of success. 

  • How to Use YouTube for Business and Actually Make Some Money

    How to Use YouTube for Business and Actually Make Some Money

    How to Use YouTube for Business: What Does it Take? Starting your YouTube business venture might seem like a piece of cake at first glance, but it’s more than just hitting the ‘upload’ button every now and then. It’s about crafting a well-thought-out strategy, staying consistent, and dedicating time. The YouTube game is not a…

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  • How to Succeed in Digital Marketing

    How to Succeed in Digital Marketing

    Turning Failure into Success This woman, a dedicated business owner, was determined to prioritize her company’s operations and nurture the relationships she had with her clients. As a result, she found herself with little time to devote to marketing. Believing that the task was too large to handle on her own, and her team decided…

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  • How Marketing Accountability Is The Key To Success

    How Marketing Accountability Is The Key To Success

    What is Marketing Accountability? Read the full transcript. To succeed, you need to be professional, which means having a plan and following through with it, not just having it on paper. Tracy guides us into the step of building a roadmap to being a professional business person. To really understand how to implement an EOS…

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  • AI Marketing Tools: What You Need to Optimize Your Content

    AI Marketing Tools: What You Need to Optimize Your Content

    Why You Need AI For this episode, the actual two brothers of Two Brothers Creative, Matt and Ben, came together to discuss how AI tools can be the secret to improving your content marketing.  AI is changing the business world and revolutionizing the way companies make content; whether you’re a small business owner or part…

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