Why the Little Things Matter to Build a Successful Business

If you are wondering how to build a successful business but haven’t considered the little details, then you should stop right now! First, you need to understand why the little thing matters when growing a business. 

In this Midwest Mindset episode, Matt shares the small things that successful entrepreneurs do daily that make a huge difference in growing their businesses and how you can do it. 

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What Are the Little Things to Build a Successful Business?

If you’ve been neglecting the small details in your entrepreneurial journey, it’s time to make the biggest changes!

So, what do we mean when we say “little things”? We mean those daily little actions that we might think aren’t that important, like waking up early, going for a run, or having a healthy breakfast, which can make a huge difference in the long run. 

By doing minor adjustments and pivots that we often brush off because we think that we have more important thighs to do, we will find the secret sauce to taking your business to the next level.

Here are the main things that you can start doing to scale your company and be a successful entrepreneur. 

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Successful Business Owners Get up Early and Make Their Bed

Starting with the right foot is essential for everyday success. You might think that the way we wake up and start our day isn’t that important, but something so mundane can actually be quite impactful.

Get up early and make your bed. Now, before you scoff at the idea, hear us out. Establishing quick wins for your day right out of the gate sets a positive tone and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Plus, who doesn’t love returning to a tidy bed after a long day of conquering the business world?

Successful Business Owners Journal

Successful business owners and entrepreneurs journal every day. No, we’re not talking about pouring your heart out like you’re writing the next great American novel. Simply closing out your day by jotting down what you’ve accomplished can do wonders for your mindset.

It helps you reflect on your progress, celebrate your wins, and, most importantly, set intentions for the next day.

Successful Business Owners Are Always on Time

People make time for what is important, and being on time is how you show people they are important and that you respect them; of course, they won’t respect you if you don’t respect them.

Now, this one might seem obvious, but trust us, it’s worth mentioning. As business owners, we sometimes fall into the trap of thinking we’re the center of the universe. Spoiler alert: We’re not, and people have important things to do as well. Make sure to set time asaid to always be punctual; remember, if you don’t respect them, they won’t respect you either. It’s that simple.

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Successful Business Owners Take Accountability 

Now, let’s talk about accountability. We all know that one person who loves playing the blame game. Well, guess what? Blaming someone on your team is nothing more than a scapegoat maneuver. 

True leadership lies in taking responsibility for your team’s actions, even when things go south. It’s easy to point fingers and deflect blame, but it takes a strong leader to step up and own up to any mistakes or shortcomings. When you hold yourself accountable, you demonstrate integrity and build a culture of trust within your team.

Then, you can set an example for the rest of your team to follow and make them also take accountability for their work. 

Taking responsibility for your team’s actions, even when things go south, demonstrates true leadership. Your team members will only do what you have taught them, so make sure you lead by example.

Reading Books and Learning

Last but not least, Read more books. Learning means being open to coaching, even if you’re at the top of your game.

Engaging with books stimulates our brains and enhances cognitive abilities such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

Books also have a unique ability to transport us into different worlds and perspectives, fostering empathy and emotional intelligence. So grab that book, attend those seminars, and soak up as much knowledge as possible. Your business will thank you for it!

Minor Adjustments Today For a Major Difference Tomorrow

These minor adjustments can have a major impact on your company’s success. So don’t underestimate the power of making your bed, holding yourself accountable, and constantly learning. Embrace the little things, and watch them work their magic in your entrepreneurial journey.

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