A Video Podcast Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business

An effective video and podcast marketing strategy can be hard to implement. But we have a proven marketing strategy that any business can implement, guaranteeing to drive more organic traffic and leads to your company.

These simple steps have helped grow our business and our clients’’ businesses far more than we could ever imagine, and the cool thing is that you can do it as well. 

Ready to start? Here, we’ll tell you how this Two Brothers Creative strategy works and why it is so wonderful for businesses looking for a creative, unique, and original content marketing strategy.

Video and Podcast Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

The Power of Video and Podcast Marketing

Think about some of your favorite forms of media entertainment; one of them is probably online media content, like a podcast, a YouTube channel, TikTok, or some other form of social media. 

The truth is that now, more than ever, we are chronically online. For this reason, it is important that our business is as online as we and our audience are, but how do we do it the right way? 

The first step on this journey, and on any marketing journey, will be to define and segment your target audience to make content that actually resonates with them. 

Podcasts and videos are two of the most engaging forms of content available today. They offer unique opportunities to connect with audiences on a personal level, tell your brand’s story, and provide value that sets you apart from your competition.

Video and Podcast Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

Podcasts Marketing

Podcast marketing has seen a significant rise in popularity in Nebraska and the US over recent years, and for good reason. Omaha podcasts, and podcasts in general, are an audio-based medium that provides several unique marketing benefits.

Podcasts are an excellent platform for delivering detailed, valuable information directly to your audience. They’re perfect for in-depth discussions, interviews, and storytelling. 

They create a more intimate connection with listeners. The conversational tone and the ability to delve deep into topics can captivate audiences, leading to high engagement rates.

Video Marketing

Meanwhile, videos can capture and hold attention like no other medium. They’re ideal for demonstrating products, explaining complex concepts, and creating emotional connections through visual storytelling.

Videos have the power to evoke emotions more effectively than other content types. Through visual storytelling, you can create a strong emotional connection with your audience, which can increase brand loyalty.

Podcast strategy for Omaha business

Understanding the Podcast-to-Video Strategy

The podcast-to-video strategy involves integrating your podcast content into your video marketing efforts. It’s actually pretty simple: you record the audio and video simultaneously. 

This approach allows you to maximize the reach and impact of your content because it taps into the unique strengths of both mediums. Podcasts offer depth and intimacy, while videos provide visual context and a more dynamic way to present information. 

By integrating these two formats, you can deliver your message in a more comprehensive way, while it allows you to be strategic with the content you present and make a more effective response from your audience. 

Unique and Original Video and Podcast Marketing Strategy 

The biggest benefit of creating a good video and podcast marketing strategy is the uniqueness and originality of your content. 

In today’s saturated digital landscape, standing out can be a challenge. Businesses are competing for the same user’s attention. In this scenario, creating unique and original content through a combined video and podcast strategy can be the game-changer your business needs.

Choose to make content that answers the questions your target audience has; this will make you stand out from the crowd.

Original content is not just about being different; it’s about adding value in a way that no one else can. It’s about showcasing your unique perspective, insights, and experiences.

With this strategy, you can show your product in action, share behind-the-scenes footage, or create compelling narratives around your brand, basically, original content that has never been before. 

Why Original Content Matters for Businesses

Establishes Authority: Original content helps establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry. This can enhance your reputation and credibility, which can lead to increased trust and loyalty among your customers.

Engages Your Audience: Unique content is more likely to engage your audience. It piques their interest, sparks conversations, and encourages them to interact with your brand.

Drives Conversion: By providing value through your content, you can build a strong relationship with your audience, which can ultimately drive conversions and boost your bottom line.

Differentiates Your Brand: In a crowded market, original content helps differentiate your brand. It showcases your unique value proposition, setting you apart from your competitors.

Benefits of Combining Podcasts and Videos

One of the main benefits of this strategy is content repurposing. You can record a single piece of content (your podcast and video episode) and then repurpose it into multiple formats, including reels, video shorts, TikTox, blog posts, social media posts, and more. 

This not only saves you time and resources but also ensures that your content reaches as wide an audience as possible.

Another benefit is increased audience engagement. By offering your content in both audio and video formats across diverse social media platforms, you cater to different audience preferences and consumption habits, which can lead to higher engagement rates and more meaningful interactions with your brand.

How to Repurpose Content?

So, how do you repurpose your content the right way? It won’t be enough just to cut random pieces of your video and podcast and share them with the world; you need to be strategic and find the right content and the right way to share it. 

  • Start by identifying key segments from your podcast episodes that would translate well into video format. These could be thought-provoking discussions, insightful interviews, or even humorous anecdotes.
  • Then, you will need to select the social media platform you want to share it with and adapt to the requirements of each specific platform. If you are creating Tik Tok content, then you will focus on shorter, more in-your-face and cunny content, while you can make a longer serious video for youtube or Facebook. 
  • Once you’ve identified your content, the next step is to enhance the visual aspect of it. Take your video and add subtitles, effects, or highlight important parts of the video with the power of editing. This will make it more eye-catching and will help you get your point across. 
  • Finally, take advantage of the detailed analytics provided by most social media and video platforms. These insights can help you understand what resonates with your audience, allowing you to optimize future repurposed content.

SEO for Podcast and Podcast Marketing Strategy

We have said this before, and we will keep saying it again: SEO is essential for your content marketing strategy. 

In the digital era, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a pivotal role in ensuring your content gets seen by the right audience. This is no different when it comes to podcast and video content. 

By creating an SEO that encompasses each of your episodes, you can significantly increase your content’s visibility, reach a wider audience, and ultimately, drive more conversions.

The SEO Strategy You Need

How does SEO work in Video and Podcast Marketing?

Video and audio content is not yet indexable by Google, but all the copy that surrounds your media is. 

By using keywords in your subtitles, copy, and hashtags, your content can be more easy to find for your target audience. Here is how to do it.

  1. Start by identifying relevant keywords that your target audience might use to find content like yours. Tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush can be helpful here.
  2. Optimize Metadata: Include your target keywords in critical places like the title, description, and tags of your podcast or video. This helps search engines understand what your content is about.
  3. Transcribe Your Content: Transcribing your podcast or video content makes it accessible to search engines. It also improves accessibility for users who prefer or need to read rather than listen or watch.
  4. For each episode, create comprehensive show notes or a related blog post that includes your target keywords. This provides additional searchable text and offers more value to your audience.
  5. Promote on Social Media: Lately, sharing your content on social media can generate more traffic to your podcast or video, which can positively impact your SEO.

Analyzing and Refining Your Video and Podcast Marketing Strategy

The key to any successful content strategy lies not just in the creation and distribution of the content but also in its regular analysis and refinement. 

By closely monitoring your analytics and metrics, gathering feedback from your audience, and continually experimenting with new formats and ideas, you can optimize your strategy for maximum impact.

Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Start by identifying what success looks like for your podcast and video content. This might be the number of views or downloads, the average watch or listen time, the number of shares, or the amount of generated leads.


Use Analytics Tools

Utilize the analytics tools provided by your podcast hosting platform, video platform, and social media platforms. These tools can provide valuable data on your audience’s behavior and engagement.

Regularly Review Your Data

Make it a habit to regularly review your analytics. Look for trends, anomalies, or any other insights that could help you improve your strategy.

Encourage Feedback

Actively encourage your audience to share their thoughts and opinions. This could be through comments on your videos, reviews on your podcast, or direct interactions on social media.

Conduct Surveys

Consider conducting occasional surveys to gather more structured feedback. This can help you understand your audience’s preferences, needs, and expectations.

Analyzing and refining your strategy is a crucial, ongoing process. By diligently checking your metrics, valuing your audience feedback, and constantly innovating, you can ensure predictable and reputable processes that drive the best results. 

Video and Podcast Marketing Strategy Wrap-Up

So, in conclusion, this is the step-by-step step to build a video and podcast marketing strategy that delivers optimal results for your business; if done well, we guarantee that your business will grow.

  • Find out your target audience.
  • Define your content type.
  • Record your podcast and video simultaneously. 
  • Choose the platforms you want to share your content on
  • Edit and repurpose your content
  • Optimize your content for SEO
  • Track and review your data analytics 

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