The Importance of Perception in Marketing

Why is perception in marketing so important? Do we really need to be good at everything to have a successful business?

Since you’re the entrepreneur absolutely killing it in one part of your business, you may think you’ve got this whole marketing thing figured out. 

Being awesome at something can give you a big head. 

But here’s the thing: just because you’re dominating in one area doesn’t mean you’ll effortlessly nail every other aspect of your biz. 

I see this myth floating around in the world of business all the time: the belief that if you’re incredible at one thing, you’ll naturally be just as incredible at everything else you try.

Makes sense, right? 

Except it’s totally wrong.

In this Midwest Mindset Podcast, I’m joined by the Two Brothers Creative team, Myriddin, Ben, and Austin, to discuss why marketing is all about perception.

Nobody is Good at Everything

Today, we’re going to chat about why understanding your strengths and weaknesses is so important in marketing and business. I’ll touch on topics like:

  • The power of perception 
  • How overconfidence can hurt you
  • Why marketing is more than just tactics
  • How first impressions stick
  • Why marketing is always a work in progress

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My goal here isn’t to lecture you but to have a straight talk about the realities of business and equip you to build an awesome, effective marketing strategy. 

Your Business Card: Crafting Your Perception in Marketing

Here’s the thing about marketing: it’s all about crafting a perception. The image you put out there is your business card to the world. 

Take our former president, Donald Trump. Putting politics aside, you’ve gotta admit the man understood the power of perception. Love him or hate him, he successfully branded himself as a savvy billionaire and decision-maker. 

True or not, the image stuck. 

And you need to be just as intentional about the perception you’re creating of your own business. Ask yourself, what’s the brand identity I’m putting out there? Who do I want people to think of when they hear my company name?

If you don’t actively shape your business’ perception, someone else will do it for you. And you may not love the image they create.

You’re Not Good at Everything podcast

The Slippery Slope of Overconfidence

When you start crushing it in one area, it’s tempting to think you’ll effortlessly master all other parts of business. If only it were that easy. 

Overconfidence can actually be dangerous – it often leads entrepreneurs down the path of poor choices and wasted time and money.  

Just look at examples like Herschel Walker, Herman Cain, or Ben Carson. These guys were unstoppable forces in football, business, and medicine, respectively. 

But when they tried jumping into the world of politics? 

Total flop.

Their prowess in or on one field didn’t automatically transfer. So before you assume you’ll be a marketing rock star just because you aced operations or product development, check yourself.

Keeping Your Ego in Check

Success can sometimes inflate our egos. We start to believe that we’re superior and can handle any task, which can lead to arrogance and complacency. 

It’s essential to keep our ego in check, even when we’re successful. Make sure to stay working on what you are good at to become excellent. 

Marketing Is More Than a Buzzword 

Here’s a little marketing myth-busting for you: marketing isn’t about specific tactics. It’s not social media or SEO or whatever new buzzword you read about. 

Those are just tactics marketing is the big-picture strategy behind it all. 

True marketing is about shaping perception (remember what I said earlier?) and using that carefully crafted identity to build trust and loyalty with your audience. It’s about being the first thing that pops into someone’s head when they need what you offer.

Think about Red Bull. They don’t just run ads their marketing is aimed at cementing the perception that Red Bull gives you wings and energy whenever you need it. 

Don’t confuse random tactics for an intentional strategy.

Perception in Marketing is Built by First Impressions

Quick pop quiz: I say “burger restaurant,” what’s the first company that comes to mind? For most people, it’s probably McDonald’s. 

And that demonstrates the crazy power of first impressions when it comes to marketing. Big, established brands have already taken up residence in our brains. They claimed that territory first, and it’s really tough to change once those connections are made.

So, what’s the first impression your brand is making? The longer you wait to shape the perception of your business, the harder it will be to override existing notions people have. You’ve gotta get in there early.

First perceptions tend to stick like superglue, so be intentional.

Set It and Forget It? No Way.

midwest mindset perception matters

A Constant Work in Progress

Some entrepreneurs think they can just set up their marketing once, let it ride, and be done. After all, everyone already knows your brand, right?

Wrong, my friend. Here’s why this strategy will backfire: the world changes quickly. Consumer interests and preferences change all the time. If you’re not actively adapting your marketing to reflect those changes, you’ll be left behind.

Even mega brands like Coca-Cola, which have been around forever, continue heavily marketing themselves. They know they have to stay top of mind even when everyone already knows who they are. What else would make someone reach for a Coke vs a Pepsi?

Marketing doesn’t end just because people are aware of your brand. You’ve got to continually reach out and manage perception.

The Role of Perception in Marketing

Perception in marketing is crucial because it can be just as important as the reality of what a product or service offers. 

If customers perceive your brand positively, they are more likely to purchase from you, recommend you to others, and stay loyal to your brand.

The Bottom Line of Perception in Marketing

Here’s the main takeaway about marketing I want you to walk away with being amazing at one thing in business does not automatically make you incredible at everything. 

Overconfidence kills. Stay humble and realistic about your abilities so you can set your business up for success.

And never underestimate the power of perception. How people view your brand is a reality when it comes to consumer choices. Craft your image intentionally and keep nurturing it through ongoing marketing.

perception in marketing

Take a page from the masters of marketing like Coca-Cola and Red Bull. Factors like quality and price do matter but often, perception overrides those details when it comes time to make real purchasing decisions. 

So be honest with yourself, stay adaptable, and keep shaping that image. Marketing is always a work in progress. The second you get complacent is when you start losing ground.

Hopefully, this gave you some helpful insights into marketing perception and strategy. 

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