Most Common Marketing Mistakes

Are you making these marketing mistakes? Many small business owners are unaware of the common mistakes they can make when it comes to managing their marketing.

Without understanding why these mistakes happen in the first place, how can you know how to avoid them? Luckily, we have with us in this Midwest Mindset (or the Omaha Podcast) episode: Wendy Wiseman, Chief Creative Officer of Zaiss and Company, will help us understand how to navigate the marketing pitfalls and excel in your small business venture.

Let the Experts do Their Thing

As business owners, we might think that we NEED to do everything, but having a lot on one’s plate is one of the biggest mistakes people often make.

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It’s understandable to want to do everything alone, from social media to SEO to marketing analysis and more. But in reality, we should leave those things to the experts. With a lot of work already on our plate, this task will end up looking, at best, mediocre. 

If you are ready to start a marketing strategy and don’t have time to do so, consider hiring services or an agency that really knows what they are doing and are the best in their field. 

Keep One Foot In the Present and One In the Future

One of the most common small business mistakes is to get carried away by nostalgia. We think we know what people want because of what we have lived in the past. But the reality is that we are not in the past and that the marketing world and customers’ needs are rapidly changing. 

It’s important to keep up with current trends while also having an eye toward the future. Pay attention to what people are interested in right now, like new technology or social media platforms, as well as what is likely to come down the line. Keeping up with trends will help you stay ahead of competitors and better serve your customers’ needs.

Learn To Listen and Avoid Marketing Mistakes

Let’s be honest: most business owners tend not to be great listeners. It’s hard enough to build a company to then have to hear what you might think are harsh critics of your business. 

In reality, most people just want to help and bring new ideas to the table, so LISTEN TO THEM, to your co-workers team, to your friends and family, to younger people, and even your competitors. 

Take a look at what your competitors are doing right (and wrong) in order to refine your own strategies. What works well for them may not be a good fit for you. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try something different if it resonates with your brand identity or target audience more than what others are doing in your industry. 

Think About What Can Go Right

Too often, small businesses get caught up worrying too much about potential mishaps instead of focusing on all of the positive outcomes that could result from their efforts. 

Consider all of the good things that might happen if certain steps are taken and be optimistic about them. If you have the right strategy, more likely than not, this will turn out great.   

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Get Professional Consultation

If you don’t have enough time or expertise available, then getting professional consultation is essential for success when it comes to managing marketing initiatives for small businesses. 

Our friends at Zaiss and Company can ensure that everything is done properly without wasting your time.

Learn From Your Marketing Mistakes

Mistakes are nothing new to entrepreneurs; we know that better than anyone else. Having success comes from trial and error.  

it is totally valid to feel disappointed or stressed sometimes; things won’t always work in our favor. The important thing is to learn from what went wrong and make it right the next time.

Boost Your Marketing Strategy and Avoid Marketing Mistakes

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