Gwenn’s Lessons on Dealing with Public Failure

Dealing with public failure is by far one of the most challenging things an entrepreneur might go through. However, it is also one of the most rich moments for growth and learning. 

The way you deal with failure can dictate the future of your business success, so it’s essential to be prepared and deal with it the right way. 

In this Midwest Mindset episode, Gwenn Aspen joins Matt to talk about how she dealt with public failure and what steps you need to take to make sure failure becomes a step closer to success instead of the end of your entrepreneurial journey. 

Dealing with Public Failure: Gwenn’s Story 

Gwenn’s story is a testament to the fact that public failures can happen even to the best of us, no matter how prepared we feel. 

As a business owner, Gwenn was ready to ensure her employee’s safety, but an unfortunate and unexpected tragedy occurred when one of her employees lost their life due to a gas leak during a property inspection. To make matters worse, this event was widely spread over the news. 

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While this was not Anequim’s fault, this experience left Gwenn wondering if there was anything she could have done differently to prevent this tragedy from happening.

A few years ago, Gwenn also ran for political office and lost, but she not only lost her campaign, she lost track of herself, her goals, and who she really was. 

Both instances of public failure brought Gwenn’s spirit down, and even though these moments were definitely hard, they were also experiences that made her the powerful woman she is today. 

How Gwenn Dealt with Public Failure

What sets Gwenn apart from other entrepreneurs who have dealt with this type of problem is her ability to use them as fuel for future success. 

While it was certainly a dark and tragic moment, Gwenn was able to start her own business due to all the learning that came from running for political office. 

She also was able to put in place better safety protocols and procedures, which led to an overall safer environment for her employees and a wonderful company that cares for their team. 

Gwenn’s story is a powerful example of how failure and tragedy can be turned into a catalyst for growth and improvement.

Why Dealing with Public Failure, It’s a Job for the Marketing Department

So, what does failure have to do with marketing and a company’s overall growth? How does public failure relate to marketing?

In today’s world, public failure can have a significant impact on a company’s growth and reputation. 

Marketing plays a crucial role in managing public failure as it helps to shape public perceptions of the incident. 

By anticipating potential failures and having a plan in place to manage them, companies can minimize the impact of such incidents.

A well-planned marketing strategy can help to communicate the company’s values, brand, and mission, which can also help to restore the public’s trust after a failure.

Gwenn’s story is an excellent example of how public failure can be turned into an opportunity for growth. 

Despite making decisions during her campaign that she regrets, Gwenn used these experiences to fuel the development of Anequim and create a better and stronger perception of her business and herself.

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How to Achieve Business Success while Dealing with Public Failure:

How can you achieve business success even in the face of failure? Here are some of Gwenn and Matt’s tips on how to achieve business success while dealing with failure

Give Yourself Time to Grieve while Dealing with Public Failure

Failure can be a traumatic experience, and it’s essential to give yourself time to grieve. 

Take the time to process your emotions and clear your mind before taking any significant action.

Remember Your Mission, Vision

When faced with failure, it’s easy to lose track of your goals and objectives. 

However, it’s crucial to remember your mission, vision, and values to stay focused on what’s important to you and your company. 

Dealing With Public Failure Gwenn aspen

Make Choices Based on Your Core Values

Your core values should guide every decision you make, especially during difficult times. 

Making choices based on your core values will help maintain the integrity of your brand and reputation.

Be a Good Leader

Being a good leader means having processes and procedures in place to keep yourself and others accountable. 

This reduces the risk of failure and ensures that everyone is aligned with the company’s goals.

Name Your Failure

It’s essential to own up to your failures and take responsibility for them. This means naming your failure and recognizing them for what it was instead of making excuses. 

Avoid blaming others. Was it weakness, or were you a bad leader or an absent boss? Own your failure and learn from it.

Dealing With Public Failure and secret to business success

Learn From Your Failure: Reaching Success

Failure should not be a secret word. Instead, it should be an opportunity for growth and development. 

Learn from your mistakes and make them part of your growth story. By doing so, you’ll become a better leader and grow as an individual.

By following this action plan in a case of public failure, you can make sure your business doesn’t suffer the consequences of a badly handled public relationship matter. 

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