Online Marketing Solutions Through Anequim

Online Marketing Solutions: Anequim Case Study For Virtual Assistants

If you’re struggling to find online marketing solutions, you are not alone. How do you know which agency to trust and how much you should spend? How do you get results instead of getting ripped off?

This is what Gwenn, CEO and Owner of Anequim, was struggling with when she first came to Matthew Tompkins at Two Brothers Creative. She felt stuck with a marketing company that failed to provide clear numbers, results, and strategy. 

Anequim needed to re-assess its marketing efforts, find a clear audience, and create content tailored it’s ideal customer base.

Anequim Online Marketing Solutions Virtual Assistant Company

Anequim’s Online Marketing Solutions With Two Brothers

At Two Brothers Creative (TBC), we are thrilled to work with Anequim, a company that delivers top-tier virtual assistant and back-office solutions to businesses across the US. 

We believe that Anequim’s brand should reflect the same energy they have; they are all rockstars! So, its content should portray the power of its expertise, its core values, and its unwavering commitment to quality. 

Anequim’s Secret to Marketing Success

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through Anequim’s online marketing strategy —revealing our approach, the tailored solutions we implemented, and the impressive results that followed. 

Of course, it is safe to say that we are just the bridge to show how awesome Anequim is. We might know all about content marketing, but in the end, they are the experts on visual assistant solutions. 

Omaha SEO Services_ AnequimOnline Marketing Solutions for a Virtual Assistant Company

What Does Anequim Do?

Think of Anequim as your secret weapon in business efficiency. With their cost-effective Virtual Assistant Services, they craft the perfect team of virtual professionals tailored exclusively for their company’s needs. 

Picture this: a lineup of dynamic, bilingual assistants – all living and working out of Mexico, bringing a touch of international flair and expertise to your doorstep without you having to pay for office space or a crazy US wage. 

Their services aren’t just about filling a seat; they’re about adding value that propels their business forward. Anequim connects you with the best in the industry, whether they need support with administrative details, accounting puzzles, or marketing campaigns. 

Anequim also covers all the recruitment, onboarding, ongoing learning development, and all that jazz, so you can rest easy knowing their team is always at the top of its game. 

Basically, they will help any entrepreneurs who are juggling too many tasks, property managers drowning in paperwork, or growing businesses in need of an extra set of skilled hands.

Anequim Online Marketing Solutions Virtual Assistant Company

The Challenge Business Owners Face With Marketing

For companies like this, staying ahead of competitors in the VA industry, where high demand begets a high tide of offerings, required more than just a strong service suite; it demanded a content marketing strategy as dynamic as the services they offer. 

In this VA revolution, firms are fighting for top talent, particularly in Mexico, where Anequim sources its proficient professionals. Yet, as the demand soars, the quest for premier talent also intensifies. 

Now, where work-life balance has escalated from a mere perk to the new gold standard of employment, Anequim stands out by providing its hires the ultimate work-from-home dream and delivering effective human resources to US companies. 

The challenge? Crafting a content marketing strategy that connects with promising US businesses and gets to the top-tier experience of talent in Mexico.

The Content Marketing Reality of 2024

Crafting an effective online content marketing strategy for a Business-to-Business (B2B) business such as Anequim is particularly challenging in 2024. 

Given the saturation of digital content and online marketing solutions, reaching key decision-makers seems almost impossible with all the digital fog. 

For businesses vying for B2B engagement, the average click-through rate (CTR) for search advertising across all industries is now at 2.41%, showing the difficulty in capturing business leads through traditional digital marketing efforts.

With information overload, reduced organic reach on social media platforms, and the introduction of sophisticated content filters and blockers, the percentage of content that reaches the target audience has decreased. 

A recent industry report highlights that only 5% of B2B content attracts the bulk of engagement, suggesting that 95% of content fails to make a significant impact. 

These challenges underscore the importance of a well-crafted online content marketing strategy that is not just about producing content but also about producing the right quality content, organic, expert-in-its-field content, targeted with laser precision, and distributed through the most effective channels.

Online Marketing Solutions for a Virtual Assistant Company

Two Brothers Creative Online Marketing Solutions

At TBC, we understand that a cookie-cutter approach to marketing simply won’t cut it, especially when it comes to Anequim and its unique service offerings. 

That’s why we go above and beyond to think outside the box and craft innovative strategies that position Anequim as a true leader in the industry.

We have helped Anequim establish itself as the go-to resource for entrepreneurs and business owners like its CEO, Gwenn.

By creating valuable and insightful content that addresses their specific needs and challenges, we can position Anequim as a trusted authority, providing valuable resources and knowledge to help entrepreneurs thrive.

Understanding Anequim’s Specific Needs

We began by immersing ourselves in Anequim’s world. This involved understanding their clientele, unpicking their strengths, and aligning them with marketing techniques that could create a symphony of success. 

By thinking like Anequim, we can act as an insightful extension of their team, not just like a third-party supplier; we are a piece of them and work in synchrony with their goals. 

With our expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional results, we are confident that our content marketing strategy will help Anequim reach new heights of success and establish itself as an industry leader. 

Omaha SEO Services Anequim Case Study_ The Winning Online Marketing Solutions for a Virtual Assistant Company

What a Winning Online Marketing Solutions for a Virtual Assistant Company Consist Of

So, with this background in mind, here is the top action we took to bring Anequim’s online content marketing strategy to success and what we can also do for your virtual assistant or remote solutions company. 

“We came to Matt for help with launching and producing our video podcast, which has become an integral part of our company’s marketing. We have since partnered with Two Brothers to manage our SEO, build our new website, and manage our entire content marketing strategy.”

Gwenn Aspen.

1 Online Content Marketing: A Key Pillar

Content marketing provided the perfect vehicle for Anequim’s message. 

For entrepreneurs looking to make an impact, content marketing isn’t just a tactic; it’s a crucial strategy that forms the backbone of your digital presence. 

This is precisely where we focused on Anequim, using content as the medium to convey their expertise and connect with business owners on a personal level.

We dove deep into the world of blog posts, web page copy, articles, and guides, crafting messages tailored to the entrepreneurial spirit. 

Every piece of content was designed to be more than just a good read — it’s there to solve problems, offer insights, and share knowledge that entrepreneurs crave as they navigate the complexities of business growth. 

Our goal was not just to reach an audience but to resonate with them. The result? Content that not only ticked SEO — pushing Anequim up the search rankings — but also established a voice of authority in the virtual assistant space. 

Imagine having insights at your fingertips that turn what feels like an entrepreneurial maze into a straightforward path, a page where you can find guidance. That’s what our content aimed to provide: clarity, direction, and a sense of partnership. Cool? Well, that’s Anequim!

We hit on the pain points that keep entrepreneurs up at night (trust us, we know exactly what they are)— inefficiency, scalability, and the talent gap. Our guides offered up not just problems but solutions, showing in real terms how Anequim’s virtual assistant services equip businesses to tackle modern-day challenges head-on. 

In this landscape, trust is currency, and we minted it by ensuring each article and guide was steeped in Anequim’s unique understanding of the business world. 

Of course, all this content can’t be all written words; let’s be honest now: most of us are tired of reading long articles every day. That’s why our content marketing strategy goes far beyond just some words. 

Two Brothers creative anequim youtube page

2 The Power of Podcasting: Bootstrappers

Podcasts have emerged as a thriving medium, offering Anequim a valuable opportunity to engage with a captivated audience. Enter ‘Bootstrappers,’ the podcast dedicated to spotlighting the journeys of entrepreneurs and innovators. 

Podcasting continues to carve out a significant place in American media consumption, with studies revealing impressive engagement rates. 

Data doesn’t lie (or at least we hope so); studies have shown that over 100 million Americans listen to at least one podcast each month, with a remarkable 75% of the U.S. population familiar with the term “podcasting.” 

Engagement with podcasts is notably deep, with an average of 80% of listeners staying tuned for the majority of the episode, showcasing the medium’s ability to maintain attention in a digital world saturated with content. 

While “Bootstrappers for Entrepreneurs” have been around longer than we have (yes, even before TBC existed), we’ve infused our unique touch of playfulness and valuable insights into the show that showcased Gwenn and Jeremy (Yes, he is her Spouse) voice and values. 

With each episode, we deliver a treasure trove of useful hacks, practical tips, and industry insights that are designed to empower our listeners. Take the example of virtual assistants (VAs) – they have revolutionized the way companies operate, streamlining processes and boosting efficiency. Through ‘Bootstrappers’, we delve into the world of VAs and uncover the remarkable impact they’ve had on businesses of all sizes.


Bootstrappers Anequim Case Study. podcasting

Building Trust Through Podcasting:  Ultimate Online Marketing Solutions

Podcasting provides a unique and intimate way to reach an audience, offering a platform for consistent, in-depth communication that fosters trust and loyalty among listeners. 

When Anequim taps into the podcasts, they aren’t just sharing information; they are inviting listeners into a personal conversation. This dialogue builds rapport and creates a faithful following in ways that other mediums simply cannot match.

In each episode of Bootstrappers, listeners are treated to a behind-the-scenes look at industry secrets and entrepreneurial experiences, forming a bond through shared stories and valuable insights. 

By speaking directly to the challenges and successes of the entrepreneurial journey, podcasts like Bootstrappers appeal to the listener’s own aspirations, fostering a connection that is both empathetic and empowering. This connection leads to a community of loyal followers who not only come back for more content but also advocate for the brand to others, amplifying Anequim’s reach through the most powerful form of marketing: word-of-mouth.

3. SEO Reach: Connecting with the Right Audience

We LOVE Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at TBC. To be honest, it’s kind of embarrassing how nerds we are and how passionate we can become about this very topic. 

Why? Well, a sound SEO strategy is the foundation of a successful online presence. We meticulously optimized Anequim’s website to ensure it appeared in front of the eyes of those actively seeking VA services in the US. 

Our approach to SEO aligned with the company’s core values, resulting in long-term, sustainable growth in organic traffic and lead generation.

SEO Reach isn’t just about showing up; it’s about making an unforgettable entrance. In the digital party that is the internet, Anequim’s refined SEO guarantees that it’s not just another face in the crowd but the life of the party! 

seo nebraska agency Online Marketing Solutions

With each tweak in the algorithm and shift in digital trends, our expert SEO team makes sure Anequim adapts and stays at the forefront of search engines, ensuring they reach the right audience. 

But let’s lay the cards on the table; we know the game has changed. It’s not just about keywords or backlinks anymore; it’s about crafting experiences, sparking joy, and helping entrepreneurs who are ready to take that big step into a virtual team. 

Who said SEO couldn’t have personality? Our strategy infuses Anequim’s brand essence into every HTML tag and meta description, ensuring that our audience doesn’t just stumble upon us by chance but feels the pull of a narrative that connects with them. 

4. The Reach of Video Marketing: YouTube and Beyond

If we are certain of anything as marketing experts, this one thing: we live in a video era. 

With this surge in video consumption, Anequim needed to be where its audience was. So we got to work and developed a YouTube and video content strategy that not only increased brand visibility but also improved Anequim’s rankings on search engines. 

However, YouTube is just one piece of the vibrant video tapestry. Videos have taken over every social media platform, from the bite-sized stories of Instagram reels to the stream-of-consciousness uploads on TikTok. 

Each platform offers a unique way to captivate an audience, allowing Anequim to showcase its services through a collage of engaging clips that speak to the viewer’s imagination and needs.

It’s not all fun and memes, though. There’s a method to this visual madness – video SEO. What is this exactly? This means when someone Googles for virtual assistance or entrepreneurial tips, they’re more likely to stumble upon Anequim’s informative videos – it’s like magic! (Not really; it is actually the algorithm).

How to do Video SEO?

  • Craft Compelling Video Titles: Your video titles should be clear, catchy, and include your main keywords. They must entice viewers to click through while accurately representing the video content.
  • Optimize Video Descriptions: Write detailed descriptions that provide context for your videos, incorporate primary and secondary keywords, and include a call to action with relevant links to your website or services.
  • Use hashtags Wisely: Tags help classify your content and guide the YouTube algorithm in understanding your video’s topic. Use a mix of broad and specific tags, including variations of your keywords.
  • Design Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails: Thumbnails create the first impression. Ensure they are high resolution and clearly represent the content, containing imagery or text that draws viewers’ attention.
  • Incorporate Closed Captions and Subtitles: Adding subtitles and closed captions can boost your SEO as they are crawlable by search engines, besides enhancing accessibility for a wider audience.
  • Video Chapters: Break down longer videos into chapters using timestamps, which can improve user experience, keep viewers on your content longer, and help your video show up in specific searches.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Encourage likes, comments, and shares, and be sure to interact with viewers’ comments to boost engagement rates, as these metrics play a role in the YouTube algorithm.
  • Consistently Update Your Content: YouTube favors active channels. Regularly upload quality content to keep your audience interested and engaged, which, in turn, helps improve your SEO standing.

We took each opportunity to bond with viewers, educate them, and occasionally make them chuckle. Because in the end, if you’re not engaging, you’re not in the game, and with Anequim, we are playing to win 

The SEO Strategy You Need

5 Social Media Online Marketing Solutions

With Anequim, we faced a challenge like any other: their Mexican-based audience. Yes! They have a whole other demographic than just entrepreneurs and business owners! And, as you might guess, we are not Mexican… not all of us at least. 

To captivate their audience, we employ a vibrant social media strategy tailored to the diverse cultures and preferences of both regions; fortunately, we have our own remote team working from Mexico, providing expert guidance in this area. 

Our goal is to keep our audience engaged with a wide range of compelling content. From informative posts to entertaining content, we strive to infuse every piece with the distinctive Anequim flair that sets us apart. 

With our approach, we aim to connect with each of their audience on a deeper level, fostering meaningful connections and building lasting relationships. 

About TBC’s  Online Marketing Solutions and Content Marketing Strategies

Our role at TBC wasn’t just about pushing Anequim’s services; it was about telling their story. 

We focused on transparency, results-driven methodologies, and, most importantly, fostering an ongoing relationship with potential and existing clients. 

The success of Anequim’s online marketing strategy was not just in the numbers but in the narrative that captivated an audience and transformed inquiries into conversions.

Online content marketing, when executed thoughtfully and strategically, has the power to catapult a business into unimagined success. 

Anequim’s case study is the proof of it—how a well-crafted, comprehensive strategy could align with a company’s vision to yield exceptional results.

We hope Anequim’s journey and our partnership with them inspire you to rethink your online marketing efforts, carve out unique strategies that reflect your brand, and invest in sustainable growth for your business, but most importantly, that you find someone who is willing to work as a partner, as someone from you brown team, that takes the time for you to understand what is working and what is not. 

Anequim growth virtual assistants

Ready to Start Your Online Content Marketing Strategy? 

Tired of empty numbers? tired of watching the metrics without seeing meaningful growth? It’s time to choose a company that collaborates closely with you, offering explanations and insights at every turn. 

Remember, in the vast digital space, your story is your strongest asset—your unique currency. With the right online marketing solutions tailored to amplify your voice, you have the potential to achieve prosperity beyond your expectations.

Contact us today and start your new and revamps digital transformation!

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