How Long Should You Make A Podcast?

How long should a podcast be to ensure listeners aren’t bored?

Everything would be super easy if there were a concrete time frame for every podcast, but the truth is that this is a complex question with a very wide answer. 

In this blog, we will delve into the different factors that come into play when deciding how long your podcast episode needs to be. 

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Podcast: The New Era of Entertainment

Podcasts represent the new era of entertainment for a multitude of reasons. They offer a unique blend of convenience, diversity, and personalization that caters to the ever-evolving demands of today’s audience. 

In an age where time is a premium, podcasts allow listeners to multitask – to learn something new or be entertained while commuting, working out, or doing chores. 

Furthermore, the intimate nature of podcasts fosters a sense of connection between the host and the listener, often giving the feeling of a one-on-one conversation. 

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Does The Length Matter?

So, we can’t deny that the popularity of podcasts is only on the rise, which makes everyone and their mother want to start a podcast! But how do you make sure to stand out from all the other podcasts out there?

The length of your podcast can play a big part in your show’s success and the number of listeners who decide to subscribe and follow your episodes. 

So, is there a magic number or a perfect length for a podcast episode? As we stated before, the answer depends on a variety of factors, like your audience, the nature of your content, your personal style, and more. 

Understanding Podcasts

To know what length your podcast should be, first, you need to understand how podcasts work and the different types of shows that there are. 

When you step into the world of podcasts, you’re entering a vast universe brimming with diverse content. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking to learn, laugh, be inspired, or simply entertained, from business podcasts to news and politics or true crime. 

There is something for everyone out there! The beauty of this medium lies in its diversity and capacity for niche content. 

No matter what your interests are, there’s likely a podcast out there that fits the bill, and this is the key aspect you need to focus on: what is your niche? What is the length of the podcast my target audience listens to?

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How Long Should a Podcast Be?

The length of a podcast plays a critical role in its success. It can influence listener engagement, retention, and overall enjoyment of the content. But determining the perfect podcast duration is more art than science.

The listener often forms a relationship with the host or the content, and the length of the episodes can significantly impact this interaction. Shorter episodes can lead to higher listener engagement as they are easily consumable on a short commute or during a lunch break. On the other hand, longer episodes allow for in-depth exploration of topics, which can be appealing to listeners seeking comprehensive insights.

How Long Should a Podcast Be: Topic Complexity

The intricacy of the subject matter plays a significant role in determining the length of your podcast. 

Detailed, complex topics often require longer podcasts, allowing hosts to delve deeper and offer thorough explanations. 

Users will also often expect longer episodes for more complex topics.


Understanding your listener’s lifestyle, preferences, and listening habits is crucial when deciding podcast duration. 

Some listeners might prefer bite-sized content that fits seamlessly into their busy schedules, while others might prefer long-form content that they can immerse themselves in during their downtime.

Make sure to take note of your consumers ‘ day-to-day, normal habits and when it is that they fit your show in their schedule.

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The format of your podcast also plays a part in dictating its length. Interview-based podcasts, for instance, might run longer due to the conversational nature of the format. On the other hand, solo podcasts or those with scripted content might be shorter and more concise.

Recommended Podcast Lengths

As we mentioned before, your show’s duration can significantly influence listener engagement, retention, and overall enjoyment. Here’s a closer look at recommended podcast lengths based on the nature of your content and target audience.

Short-form Podcasts: Quick Bites of Information

Short-form podcasts, typically ranging from 5 to 15 minutes, are perfect for busy individuals or those seeking succinct, to-the-point information. 

These bite-sized episodes are easily consumable during a short commute, a coffee break, or in between daily tasks. 

They’re ideal for delivering news updates, daily tips, motivational speeches, and other types of content that can be condensed into a brief format. 

Keep in mind that high-quality content within this limited timeframe requires careful planning and precise execution.

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Medium-length Podcasts: A Balance Between Brevity and Depth

Medium-length podcasts, usually lasting between 20 to 45 minutes, strike a balance between succinctness and thoroughness. 

This format allows for more in-depth discussions without overwhelming listeners or demanding a significant time commitment. 

It’s an excellent choice for interview-style podcasts, storytelling, educational content, and more. 

Medium-length podcasts give hosts enough time to delve into the topic while still keeping the listeners’ attention.

Long-form Podcasts: Deep Dives into Complex Topics

Long-form podcasts, extending over an hour, are best suited for complex topics or dedicated listeners who desire comprehensive explorations of subjects. 

These podcasts provide ample space for hosts and guests to unpack intricate ideas, conduct detailed interviews, or narrate extensive stories. 

They can be quite appealing to listeners who enjoy immersing themselves in a subject, learning new things, or those who have longer periods of uninterrupted listening time available.

Comprehensive Guide to Determining How Long Should a Podcast Be

Before recording your podcast or starting your script, keep in mind the following aspect to determine what the lenght will be, what to include and what won’t make the cut.

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Understanding Your Audience and Use Analytics 

The first step in determining the optimal length for your podcast is to deeply understand your audience. 

Conduct surveys, engage in social media discussions, or use podcast analytics tools to gain insights into their listening habits. 

Consider factors such as their average commute time, their daily routines, and their content preferences. 

This information can be invaluable in shaping the format and duration of your podcasts to match your audience’s lifestyle and interests.

Experiment with Different Lengths: 

Don’t be afraid to test out various podcast lengths. You could start with shorter episodes, gradually increase the duration, or even vary the length based on the episode’s content. 

Monitor listener feedback and engagement metrics closely during these times. Look for patterns in drop-off rates, listener comments, and download numbers to identify what durations resonate most with your audience. 

Remember, what works for one podcast might not work for another, so it’s crucial to find your unique sweet spot.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

While determining the length of your podcast, always prioritize the quality of your content over the duration. 

It’s better to have a short, engaging episode packed with valuable insights than a drawn-out one filled with unnecessary fluff. 

Focus on delivering high-quality content that provides value to your listeners. Your audience might get tired of listening to “empty content.”

Remember, if your content is compelling and informative, your listeners are more likely to stay tuned, regardless of the length.

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Regularly Evaluate and Adapt

Lastly, keep in mind that determining your podcast length isn’t a one-time decision. Regularly re-evaluate your podcast’s duration based on ongoing feedback and changing listener habits. 

As your podcast evolves, so too might the optimal length of your episodes.

Get Started with a Strong Podcast Strategy 

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question, “How long should a podcast be?” It’s a complex equation that varies from podcast to podcast and audience to audience. 

The diversity and personalization that podcasts offer are their strength, and this extends to their duration as well. 

If you are still unsure of where to start, contact us! We can help you reproduce the show of your dreams that builds a faithful audience. 

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