Case Studies For Content in a Box

What marketing results should you expect to see with your Content in a Box?

While there are no guarantees in life (let alone in marketing), our Content in a Box consistently and reliably delivers marketing results for businesses nationwide.

It doesn’t matter what industry or field your business is in; content marketing is critical to success. This is why we have designed, crafted, and perfected our Content in a Box to meet your business’s marketing needs.

As our case studies will demonstrate, the data proves how effective Content in a Box can be almost immediately, within the first 30 days of implementing our strategy.

Two Brothers Creative Think tank

Case Study: Reels, Stories, and TikTok

Vertical video shorts are one of the highest-valued assets for any business’s marketing strategy today, but how much of an impact do they have?

Preview our case study highlighting the nearly immediate impact of vertical video shorts and our content marketing strategy delivered on social media for our Content Box subscribers!

Man with Two Phones and Computer

Case Study: YouTube Shorts

Since implementing our content-in-a-box strategy, YouTube shorts have been an unparalleled accelerant to every one of our clients’ YouTube channel growth.

Within just the first 30 days, the results are clear, and the performance is undeniable.

Preview a Complete Content in a Box Package

Click the link below to download and preview a full Content in a Box package and all of the assets included.

Sample the various assets included in each Content in a Box, from blog articles to vertical video shorts, from the audio podcast to social media graphics, and more!

See more examples of video podcasts produced both in-studio and remotely here.

Two Brothers Creative in the Omaha Podcast Studio

Your Podcast Equipment Checklist

We have prepared a list of audio and video equipment we recommend for production.

What you will need will vary, depending on how many hosts or guests you have, if it’s video and audio or just video, and if it’s remote or in the studio, etc. we will guide you through that process together.

This list will give you an estimate on a budget for new equipment.

SMM7 SHure Microphone at Two Brothers Creative Studio

These Two Brothers Are Ready To Help

The team at Two Brothers Creative is ready to help answer any additional questions you may have about our services, processes, or strategy.
We are excited to collaborate with you and your team to give you everything your marketing needs to be successful for your company!

Two Brothers Creative Matt and Ben

Preview Video Podcasts Produced In-Studio and Remotely

Preview Podcasts Produced by Two Brothers Creative

The Omaha Podcast Studio

Experience Omaha’s Premiere Video Podcast Production Studio

You’ll have exclusive access to Omaha’s best-quality production facility for podcasting, video, and content marketing. While your competitors record shaky low-resolution videos out of a janky storage closet, you will set yourself apart from your competition with a top-tier studio that accurately reflects the quality of your business.