Complete Your Buyer Persona

Define Your Ideal Customer Buyer Persona

Answer the questions below to complete your buyer persona/ideal customer profile with Two Brothers Creative.

Answer These Questions For Your Buyer Persona

Provide honest answers with as many details and specific information as possible. Skip any questions you aren’t able to answer and hit ‘submit’ when you are done.

Demographic Information

Be specific to your client’s region, state, and city.
Provide a specific niche, such as “local restaurants in San Antonio” or “manufacturing plant for automotive parts.”
Small business, mid-market, enterprise, etc.

Position Info:

Examples include CEO, COO, CFO, General Manager, Sales Executive, etc.
Give an estimate if you don’t know for sure.
Are they a sole decision-maker, influencer, part of a committee, etc.?s

Psychographic Informatoin

Increase brand awareness, Drive website traffic, Generate leads, Improve customer engagement, etc.
For example, promotion within the company, starting their own company, hitting sales goals, etc.
For example, Authenticity, Creativity, Results-oriented, Community-focused, etc.
For example, are they an Early adopter, Tech-savvy, Risk-averse, Data-driven, etc.?
What are their pain points or challenges, for example, Limited budget, Lack of time/resources, Difficulty measuring ROI, Keeping up with trends, etc.
Podcasts, radio, television, internet videos, etc.
For example, are they an Early adopter, Tech-savvy, Risk-averse, Data-driven, etc.?
Common concerns or hesitations they have about your client’s services


Write a brief paragraph that brings the persona to life, highlighting their unique characteristics within this group


A fictional quote that captures the mindset of someone in this group.

Their Company

Who are they trying to reach?
What’s working what’s not?
Ballpark estimate


Email, Social media, Phone, In-person meetings
Video, Blog posts, Infographics, Case studies
Industry trends, How-to guides, Customer success stories
Formal, Casual, Humorous, Inspirational

Additional Information

Rough estimate
Urgency of their needs
Who they admire/emulate

Name this Persona

e.g., “Marketing Decision Makers,” “Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs”
e.g., “Mark,” “Linda,” “Hercules,” etc.

What else is important for this persona?